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Name for Nakshatra Revati - Nakshatra Birth Star Revati

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Chaahabaa 9 Girl affection
Chaalaka 8 Boy one who drives
Chaamundi 9 Girl durga, killer of demons
Chaanaaksha 11 Boy clever
Chaanda 7 Boy mmon
Chaandaa 8 Girl moon
Chaandavela 11 Girl a king of creeper
Chaanooraandhranishoodana 25 Boy one who killed a wrestler by name of 'chaanwoor' i.e. shri krishna
Chaarubaalaa 12 Girl beautiful young girl
Chaaruchandra 13 Boy beautiful moon
Chaarudhaara 12 Girl a beautiful woman
Chaaruhaasa 11 Boy one who has a beautiful smile
Chaaruhassinee 14 Girl one who has a beautiful smile
Chaarulataa 11 Girl beautiful creeper
Chaarumatee 11 Girl one who has endowed with beauti
Chaarusheela 12 Girl a beautiful woman with good character
Chaaruvaakee 12 Girl a woman who speaks sweetly
Chaarvanga 10 Boy one with beautiful body
Chaarvee 8 Girl beautiful
Chag 4 Girl love
Chahna 6 Girl love
Chakor 6 Boy a bird enamoured of the moon
Chakora 7 Boy alert
Chakradhaaree 13 Boy vishnu
Chakradhar 10 Boy lord vishnu
Chakradhara 11 Boy one who wields the disc
Chakragadaadhara 16 Boy who holds 'chakra' i.e. sharp circular missile and mace
Chakrakee 9 Boy potter
Chakrapaalita 13 Boy protector of the disc
Chakravarti 11 Boy a sovereign
Chakree 7 Boy a niversal monarch, vishnu, krishna
Chakree 7 Boy supreme being, wind
Chakreenee 10 Girl potter
Chakshu 7 Boy an eye
Chakshu 7 Boy eye
Chakshumatee 12 Girl eye-sight
Chakshusha 10 Boy related to eyes
Chamaasa 8 Boy a vessel used at sacrifices for drinking the soma juice
Chamakali 9 Girl an ornament worn by woman
Chaman 6 Boy garden
Chaman 6 Boy garden
Chamelee 8 Girl a creeper with flowers
Chameli 7 Girl jasmine
Champa 6 Girl a flower
Champaa 7 Girl a yellow flower
Champaakalee 12 Girl a bud of champa
Champaavarnee 13 Girl one who has the complexion of a champa flower
Champabati 10 Girl bud of champa
Champakavelee 13 Girl a creeper with flowers
Chamundaa 9 Girl an aspect of shakti
Chanchal 8 Boy restlessness; quick
Chanchala 9 Girl restlessness; quick
Chanchala 9 Girl unsteady
Chanchalaa 10 Girl lightning
Chanda 6 Boy dreadful, angry
Chandaalikaa 12 Girl low-caste woman
Chandaamshu 11 Boy the sun
Chandak 7 Boy the moon
Chandan 7 Boy sandalwood
Chandana 8 Girl parrot
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