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Name for Nakshatra U.Phalguni - Nakshatra Birth Star U.Phalguni

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Padmasambhavaa 14 Girl one born out of the lotus
Padmashobhaa 12 Girl shining like a lotus
Padmavarnaa 11 Girl lotus-coloured
Padmavati 9 Girl goddess lakshmi
Padmee 6 Boy one who holds lotus in the hand
Padminee 8 Girl an elephant
Padminee 8 Girl beautiful
Padmini 7 Girl lotus
Padminn 7 Boy an elephant
Pakhi 5 Girl bird
Pakshi 6 Girl bird
Palaashikasa 12 Girl petal of a palashi flower
Palak 5 Boy eyelash
Palash 6 Boy a flowering tree
Palashkusum 11 Boy the flower of palash
Palashranjan 12 Boy beautiful like a palash
Pallab 6 Boy new leaves
Pallavee 8 Girl creeper in full bloom
Pallavi 7 Girl new leaves
Pallavinee 10 Girl having young shoots or leaves
Pallavini 9 Girl with new leaves
Palli 5 Girl lamp
Pallikaa 8 Girl a small village
Pana 4 Boy one who transacts the affairs of the universe
Panchaalikaa 12 Girl a doll
Panchabaana 11 Boy the five arrows
Panchajanya 11 Boy conch of krishna
Panchali 8 Girl draupadi's name
Panchanan 9 Boy lord shiva
Panchavinshanti Tatvastha 25 Boy one who resides in twenty five elements
Panchayajnasamutpattis 22 Boy one from whom five 'yagnas' are produced
Pandhari 8 Boy lord vithobha
Panduranga 10 Boy lord vithobha
Panini 6 Boy the great scholar grammarian
Pankaj 6 Boy lotus
Pankaja 7 Girl lotus
Pankajaa 8 Girl born in mud
Pankajaakshee 13 Girl lotus-eyed
Pankajanayanee 14 Girl lotus-eyed
Pankajinee 10 Girl lotus plant
Pankti 6 Girl a line
Panna 5 Girl emerald
Pannaa 6 Girl emerald
Pannagesha 10 Boy king of serpents
Pannalal 8 Boy emerald
Paraadhara 10 Boy like sage 'paraashara' who was father of vyasa and the author of a 'smriti'
Paraaga 7 Boy pollen
Paraarthavruttivarada 21 Boy blessings for the happiness of others
Paraatpara 10 Boy the supreme being
Parabrahmana 12 Boy the supreme spirit
Parag 5 Boy pollen
Parakaaryeyka Pandita 21 Boy eager to help others
Parakram 8 Boy strength
Param 5 Boy the best
Parama 6 Girl excedding; the best
Paramaartha 11 Boy highest truth
Paramaartha 11 Boy one who gives emancipation
Paramaarthaguru 15 Boy a teacher who gives 'moksha', emancipation
Paramaatmaa 11 Boy the great soul/supreme spirit
Paramahamsa 11 Boy the supreme spirit; a spiritual title
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