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Baby Names by Sign

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Abhaaswaras 11 Boy a class of deities, sixty-four in number, of whose nature little is known
Abhava 6 Boy without birth
Abhay 5 Boy fearless
Abhaya 6 Boy assurance of safety or protection, fearlessness, name of a son of dharma and daya (a sage)
Abhaya 6 Girl Has no fear
Abhayaa 7 Boy fearless
Abhayaa 7 Girl
Abhayadatta 11 Boy son of fearless
Abhayasimha 11 Boy fearless lion
Abheda 6 Boy undivided, identical
Abheek 6 Boy fearless
Abheeru 7 Boy fearless
Abheri 6 Girl name of one of the regions or modes of classical music (personified as a female)
Abhi 4 Girl itself
Abhibhav 8 Boy victorious, powerful
Abhibhu 7 Girl one who surpasses, a superior person
Abhichaaryo Mahaamaya 21 Girl ho creats great illusions
Abhichaksha 11 Boy gracious look, view, perceive
Abhichandra 11 Boy an auspicious time
Abhigit / Abhigita 19 Girl addressed or praaised in song (from rig veda)
Abhigri 7 Girl to welcome, praise, to approve of, accept propitiously
Abhigupta 9 Boy guarding, protecting
Abhigupti 9 Girl guarding, protecting
Abhijaat 8 Boy a well-born, learned, faultless, aristocratic, noble
Abhijaata 9 Boy noble, wise
Abhijaati 9 Girl a well-born, learned, faultless, aristocratic, noble
Abhijaatya 10 Boy graceful, dignified
Abhijan 7 Girl relating to good descent, loftiness of birth. noble descent, family, race
Abhijay 7 Boy graceful, dignified
Abhijay 7 Boy complete victory
Abhijaya 8 Boy one who is victorious
Abhiji 6 Girl noble birth, nobility, learning scholarship, beauty
Abhijit 7 Boy victiorious name of a nakshatra (planet), vishnu
Abhijit 7 Boy victorious
Abhijita 8 Boy a name of a sage
Abhijitaa 9 Girl a woman conquered
Abhijiti 8 Girl victiorious name of a nakshatra (planet), vishnu
Abhijna 7 Girl expert
Abhijnaa 8 Girl sensitive, idealistic, and intuitive nature
Abhijnya 8 Boy recognition
Abhik 5 Boy lover
Abhikaamika 11 Girl wished for agreeable
Abhikaankshaa 13 Girl longing for, desire
Abhikham 8 Boy to desire, love
Abhikram 8 Boy to go near, beginning, undertaking a work
Abhilaap 8 Boy expression, declaration (as the object of vow)
Abhilaashaa 11 Girl desire, longing, craving wish
Abhilakshya 11 Girl to be fixed or indicated towards a mark of good fortune
Abhilash 8 Boy desire
Abhilin 7 Girl adhering to, clinging to
Abhim 5 Boy one who causes no fear, another name of vishnu
Abhimaanyav 11 Boy descendant of abhimanyu
Abhimaat 8 Boy favourite, desirous
Abhimaati 9 Girl favourite, desirous
Abhimanee 9 Boy one who is proud
Abhimaneenee 12 Girl one who is possessed of self respect
Abhimanyu 9 Boy quick to anger
Abhimanyu 9 Boy arjuna's son
Abhimanyu 9 Boy son of arjun and subhadra, conqueror and famous for valour even as a boy
Abhimukh 8 Girl friendly, going near, aproaching, one of ten bhumi's (the earth, wide world) to be passed by a buddhisattva before becoming a buddha
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The Hindi Baby Names & Hindu Names & Indian Names names list has thousands of name meanings for you to choose from. If you want to know name according to your rasi (moon sign) or date of birth, use our Astrological Hindu baby name suggestion tool.

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