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Name for Nakshatra U.Phalguni - Nakshatra Birth Star U.Phalguni

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Paramajeeta 11 Boy excellent success
Paramam 7 Boy excellent, greatest, supreme, prominent part
Paramananda 11 Boy superlative joy
Paramapashta 12 Boy very pure and transparent
Paramasukha 11 Boy the ultimate happiness
Paramesh 8 Boy lord shiva
Parameshthee 12 Boy one residing in best stations
Parameshtni 11 Boy great god
Parameshwar 11 Boy almighty lord
Parameshwara 12 Boy supreme god
Parameshwara 12 Boy lord of all; supreme lord
Parameshwaree 13 Girl supreme goddess
Paramhansa 10 Boy supreme soul
Paramita 8 Girl wisdom
Paramphalam 11 Boy one who gives highest fruit
Paranashri 10 Girl leafy beauti
Paranjay 8 Boy varun; lord of the sea
Paranjaya 9 Boy one who conquers others
Paranjaya 9 Boy the winner of enemies
Paranjyoti 10 Boy the supreme light
Parantapa 9 Boy one who makes enemies suffer
Parantapa 9 Boy conqueror; arjuna
Parapuranjaya 13 Boy one who wins over the cities of the enemies
Pararddhi 9 Boy one who extends, expands greatly
Paras 5 Boy touchstone
Parashar 8 Boy an ancient sage
Parashuram 10 Boy sixth incarnation of lord vishnu
Parashwadhee 12 Boy one who holds 'parashu', a battle axe
Parasmani 9 Boy touchmani
Paravasu 8 Boy name of a sage
Paresh 6 Boy supreme lord
Paresha 7 Boy supreme spirit
Pari 4 Girl fairy
Paridhi 7 Girl realm
Parigraha 9 Boy one who accepts offerings
Parijat 7 Boy celestial flower
Pariketa 8 Boy against desire
Parikshit 9 Boy name of an ancient king
Parimal 7 Boy fragrance
Parimala 8 Girl a fragrant substance
Parimalaa 9 Girl a fragrant substance
Parimitaa 9 Girl moderate
Parineetaa 10 Girl a married woman
Paritaa 7 Girl in each direction
Paritosh 8 Boy satisfaction
Paritosha 9 Boy contentment
Parivraajaka 12 Boy sanyasin
Parivrittaa 11 Girl revolved, ended
Parivrudha 10 Boy the lord of all
Parjanya 8 Boy rain
Parjanya 8 Boy rain
Parmeshwari 11 Girl goddess durga
Parnaa 6 Girl leaves
Parnad 6 Boy a brahmin in the epics
Parnal 6 Girl leafy
Parni 5 Girl leafy
Parnika 7 Girl creeper
Parnikaa 8 Girl small leaf
Partha 6 Boy arjuna
Parthapratim 12 Boy like arjuna
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