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Name for Nakshatra Satabishak - Nakshatra Birth Star Satabishak

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Saarikaa 8 Girl a bird
Saarikaa 8 Girl a kind of bird
Saaro Maanadhana 16 Boy essence of all and respect is whose wealth
Saatvatanpati 13 Boy lord of saatvataa's - those who were born in 'dashaarha' family are also called saatvataa
Saatvika 8 Boy endowed with the quality of sattva i.e. goodness
Saatvika 8 Boy possessed of 'sattva' quality
Saatvikaa 9 Boy possessed of 'sathva' quality which include calm, peaceful, truthful, honest, virtuous, strong, vigorous
Saavitreei 10 Girl a ray of light
Sabhooti 8 Boy divine, superhuman
Sabita 6 Girl decorated
Sacchidananda 13 Boy total bliss
Sachchidaananda 15 Boy joy of the supreme spirit
Sachet 6 Boy consciousness
Sachetan 8 Boy animated
Sachetana 9 Boy rational
Sachetanaa 10 Girl sentiment
Sachi 5 Boy a friend
Sachi 5 Girl wife of lord indira
Sachin 6 Boy lord indira
Sachit 6 Boy consciousness
Sadaachaaree 12 Boy one who always acts truthfully
Sadaagati 9 Boy always moving
Sadaamarshee 12 Boy always tolerant
Sadaanana 9 Boy one having six faces
Sadaananda 10 Boy ever joyous
Sadaashiva 10 Boy always involved in doing welfare
Sadaayogee 10 Boy always a yogee
Sadaf 5 Girl pearl
Sadananda 9 Boy eternal bliss
Sadashiva 9 Boy eternally pure
Sadeepan 8 Boy lighted up
Sadgati 7 Girl liberation
Sadgati 7 Boy takes the right path
Sadgati 7 Boy emancipated
Sadguna 7 Girl good virtues
Sadhan 6 Girl fulfilment
Sadhana 7 Girl worship
Sadhika 7 Girl achiever
Sadhvi 6 Girl virtuous woman
Sadhvi 6 Girl chaste woman
Sadiq 5 Boy kingly
Sadiqua 7 Girl kindly
Sadsanmaya 10 Boy form of truth and non-truth
Sadyogee 8 Boy best yogee
Sadyoni 7 Boy cause of all
Saeed 5 Boy priestly
Saeeda 6 Girl priestly
Safia 5 Girl chase
Sagana 6 Boy together with the groups
Sagar 5 Boy ocean
Sagarika 8 Girl wave; born in the ocean
Sagun 5 Boy possessed of good qualities
Saguna 6 Girl possessed of good qualities
Saguna 6 Boy virtuous
Saguna 6 Boy possessed of virtuous qualities
Sagunaa 7 Girl possessed of virtuous qualities
Sagunaa 7 Girl virtuous
Saha 4 Boy one who tolerates
Sahaj 5 Boy natural
Sahajaananda 12 Boy natural joy
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