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Name for Nakshatra Satabishak - Nakshatra Birth Star Satabishak

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Gobinda 7 Boy cowherd
Goemaa 6 Girl gauri
Gohita 6 Boy welfare of the senses
Gokarna 7 Boy cow's ear
Gokula 6 Boy herd of cows
Golakhnaatha 12 Boy master of the globe
Gomaan 6 Boy rich in herds
Gomateshwara 12 Boy a kind of gem
Gomukha 7 Boy mouth of a cow
Gopaa 5 Girl cowherd
Gopaala 7 Boy cowherd
Gopaalee 8 Girl woman belonging to the tribe of cowherds,
Gopaalikaa 10 Girl woman belonging to the tribe of cowherds,
Gopabaalaa 10 Girl daughter of a ccowherd
Gopaladaasa 11 Boy servant of gopaala
Gopana 6 Boy protection
Gopanaa 7 Girl protection
Gopati 6 Boy protector of earth
Gopati 6 Boy lord of senses, speech and earth
Gopee 5 Girl milkmaid
Goptaa 6 Boy guardian
Goptaa 6 Boy protector
Goptaa 6 Boy the protector
Goraande 8 Girl fair complexioned
Gorakhanaatha 13 Boy one who has control over his senses
Gorala 6 Girl likeable
Gorambh 7 Boy sky with dark clouds
Goshaalaka 10 Boy master of the cow stable
Goshpa 6 Boy step of a cow
Goshti 6 Girl conversation
Goteeta 7 Boy one that is beyond cognition of the senses
Govinda 7 Boy keeper of cows
Govinda 7 Boy name of krishna, hence, like krishna
Govinda 7 Boy one who knows the senses, earth, brahman vidya and is protector of cows
Govindaanpati 13 Boy lord of those who know speech and other senses
Saadhanaa 9 Girl fulfilment
Saadhanaa 9 Girl accomplishment
Saadhikaa 9 Girl a skilful or accomplished woman
Saadhu 6 Boy 'saatvika' man
Saadhu Saadhya 14 Boy easy for devotees to attain
Saadhuraama 11 Boy noble, virtuous
Saagara 7 Boy ocean
Saakambharee 12 Girl herbbearing
Saakara 7 Boy sugar
Saakshee 8 Boy a seer who can see beyond
Saaksheehyakartaa 17 Boy being a witness to all he himself does not do everything
Saama 5 Boy always same / 'saama' veda
Saamaga 7 Boy knows 'saama' veda
Saamagaayana 12 Boy one who sings 'saama' hymns
Saamageyapriya 14 Boy one who loves to be appeased
Saanuraaga 10 Boy having love
Saara 5 Boy essence
Saara Samplava 14 Boy instrumental to take out the meaning, essence of understanding
Saarana 7 Boy causing to go or flow
Saaranga 8 Boy the spotted deer
Saarangapaani 13 Boy one who holds a bow
Saarangpaani 12 Boy one who holds a deer
Saarasaa 8 Boy belonging to a lake (the swan)
Saarasee 8 Girl belonging to a lake (the swan)
Saaraswata 10 Boy learned
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