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Name for Nakshatra Aslesha - Nakshatra Birth Star Aslesha

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Devyani 7 Girl daughter of shukracharya
Digambara 9 Boy naked
Digambaree 10 Girl naked
Digvijaya 9 Boy conquest of all directions
Diksha 6 Girl initation
Dilawar 7 Boy brave
Dilber 6 Girl lover
Dilip 5 Boy an ancestor of lord rama, a king
Dilshad 7 Girl happy
Dinakara 8 Boy the sun
Dinanath 8 Boy protector of the poor
Dinar 5 Boy gold coin
Dindayal 8 Boy kind to the poor
Dinendra 8 Boy lord of the day
Dinesh 6 Boy the sun
Dipti 5 Girl brightness
Disha 5 Girl direction
Dishti 6 Girl good fortune
Divaakara 9 Boy the sun
Divaakara 9 Boy like the sun
Divaspati 9 Boy like indra, the king of heaven
Divija 6 Boy born in heaven
Divispruk 9 Boy one who touches light
Divya 5 Boy divine
Divya 5 Boy a radiant woman
Divya 5 Boy divine
Divya 5 Girl divine lustre
Divyaa 6 Girl a radiant woman
Divyaamshu 10 Boy the sun
Divyaanga 9 Boy divine
Divyaanganaa 12 Girl a heavenly nymph
Divyaayudha 11 Boy holder of divine weapon
Divyakaanata 12 Boy (kaant -- husband)
Divyakaanataa 13 Girl (kaant -- husband)
Divyamurti 10 Boy a radiant idol
Divyanga 8 Boy divine body
Divyendu 8 Boy bright moon
Divyendy 8 Boy the moon
Diwaalee 8 Girl festival of lights
Doyel 5 Girl a songbird
Duganta 7 Boy end of the horizon
Duhaswapnanaashana 18 Boy destroyer of bad dreams
Duhitaa 7 Girl daughter
Dulaaree 8 Girl daughter
Dulaari 7 Girl dear
Dulal 5 Boy dear one
Duraagharsha 12 Boy one who cannot be repressed
Duraarihaa 10 Boy destroyer of bad intentions
Duraasada 9 Boy difficult to obtain, achieve
Duraavaasa 10 Boy residence
Duratikrama 11 Boy cannot be overtaken
Duratikrama 11 Boy difficult to cross
Durdhara 8 Boy residence
Durdhara 8 Boy can overcome any difficulty
Durga 5 Boy fort
Durga 5 Boy difficult to obtain
Durga 5 Girl succour; the goddess
Durgama 7 Boy difficult to know
Durgama 7 Boy difficult to comprehend
Durgneya 8 Boy difficult to know
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