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Name for Nakshatra Aslesha - Nakshatra Birth Star Aslesha

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Devaanga 8 Girl a part or limb of god
Devaangana 10 Girl a celestial damsel
Devaangi 8 Boy god of fire
Devaasuragurudeva 17 Boy great teacher of gods and demons
Devaasuramahaashraya 20 Boy one who gives great support to gods and demons
Devaasureshwara 15 Boy lord of gods and demons
Devabrudguru 12 Boy giver and protector of knowledge to gods
Devachintaka 12 Boy one who thinks a bout, worries about gods
Devadatta 9 Boy gift of the god
Devadenaa 9 Girl army of gods
Devadevaatmasambhava 20 Boy one who produces god of gods
Devadevamaya 12 Boy one who is like the god of gods
Devaganikaa 11 Girl a nymph
Devagna 7 Boy one who knows gods
Devaharshaa 11 Girl joy of the gods
Devahuti 8 Girl daughter of manu
Devajna 7 Boy a woman having knowledge of god
Devajnaa 8 Girl a woman having knowledge of god
Devajyoti 9 Boy brightness of the lord
Devak 5 Boy divine
Devakeenandana 14 Boy son of devakee
Devaki 6 Girl mother of krishna
Devakumaaree 12 Girl daughter of the god
Devalaa 7 Girl female attendant of an idol
Devalakshmee 12 Girl wealth of the gods
Devalataa 9 Girl the navamallka or double jasmine plant
Devamani 8 Boy the jewel of vishnu
Devamayee 9 Girl one with god
Devanaatha 10 Boy master of gods
Devangana 9 Girl celestial maiden
Devapriya 9 Girl dear to god
Devapriya 9 Boy loved by gods / favourite of gods
Devaraaja 9 Boy king among gods
Devashree 9 Boy fate fortune
Devasinha 9 Boy like a lion among gods
Devasree 8 Girl divine beauti
Devasuramaheshwara 18 Boy great god of gods and demons
Devavaanee 10 Girl a divine voice
Devavrata 9 Boy one who has taken a religious vow
Devbrata 8 Boy a name of bhisma
Devdaasa 8 Boy servant of the lord
Devdas 6 Boy follower of god
Devdeva 7 Boy god of gods
Devdutta 8 Boy king
Deveebaalaa 11 Girl divine, godly
Deveenaa 8 Girl goddess
Devendra 8 Boy king of gods
Devendra 8 Boy lord indra
Devendra 8 Boy indra, the lord og gods
Devendranaatha 14 Boy lord of the king of gods
Devesh 6 Boy lord indra
Devesha 7 Boy lord of gods
Deveshwar 9 Boy lord shiva
Devidaasa 9 Boy servant of the goddess
Devika 6 Girl goddess
Devilaala 9 Boy son of devi
Deviprasaada 12 Boy gift of devi
Devkumaara 10 Boy son of a god
Devnarayan 10 Boy king
Devnath 7 Boy king of gods
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