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Baby Names by Sign

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Rajat 5 Boy silver
Rajata 6 Girl sovereignty
Rajatshubhra 12 Boy white as silver
Rajdulari 9 Girl dear princess
Rajeevalochan 13 Boy lotus-eyed
Rajendra 8 Boy king
Rajendrakumar 13 Boy king
Rajendramohan 13 Boy king
Rajesh 6 Boy king
Rajeshwari 10 Girl goddess parvati
Rajhans 7 Girl swan
Rajit 5 Boy decorated
Rajiv 5 Boy lotus
Rajivlochan 11 Boy lord vishnu
Rajivnayan 10 Boy lord vishnu
Rajkumari 9 Girl princess
Rajnandini 10 Girl princess
Rajnikanta 10 Boy moon
Rajrishi 8 Boy sagelike king
Rajshri 7 Girl royalty's lustre
Rajyeshwar 10 Boy king
Raka 4 Girl full moon
Rakesh 6 Boy the moon
Raksha 6 Girl protection
Rakshana 8 Boy protection
Ram 3 Boy lord rama; one who pleases
Rama 4 Girl goddess lakshmi
Ramaa 5 Girl beautiful
Ramachhoda 10 Boy one who leaves the field
Ramakanta 9 Boy lord vishnu
Raman 5 Boy cupid
Ramana 6 Boy beloved, pleasing
Ramanaa 7 Girl beautiful
Ramanakaantaa 13 Girl charming
Ramanee 7 Girl beautiful
Ramani 6 Girl woman
Ramanika 8 Boy handsome
Ramanikaa 9 Girl handsome
Ramanimohana 12 Boy one who charms a beautiful woman
Ramanujaa 9 Boy lord krishna
Ramashray 9 Boy lord vishnu; protected by rama
Ramavatar 9 Boy lord rama
Ramaveera 9 Boy hero of the battle
Rambha 6 Girl celestial dancer
Ramchandra 10 Boy lord rama
Ramesh 6 Boy lord vishnu
Rameshwar 9 Boy lord shiva
Ramita 6 Girl pleasing
Ramita 6 Boy omnipresent
Ramitaa 7 Girl omnipresent
Ramkishore 10 Boy lord rama
Ramkrishna 10 Boy lord raama and lord krishna
Ramkumar 8 Boy lord rama
Rammohan 8 Boy lord rama
Ramnath 7 Boy lord rama
Ramonaa 7 Girl protector
Ramprasad 9 Boy lord rama
Rampratap 9 Boy lord rama
Ramratan 8 Boy lord rama
Ramswaroop 10 Boy lord rama
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The Hindi Baby Names & Hindu Names & Indian Names names list has thousands of name meanings for you to choose from. If you want to know name according to your rasi (moon sign) or date of birth, use our Astrological Hindu baby name suggestion tool.

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