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Baby Names by Sign

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Madhukanta 10 Boy the moon
Madhukar 8 Boy honeybee
Madhukara 9 Boy bee, lover
Madhuksara 10 Girl one who showers honey
Madhulata 9 Girl sweet creeper
Madhulekha 10 Girl beautiful girl
Madhulika 9 Girl honey
Madhulikaa 10 Girl sweet like honey
Madhulikaa 10 Girl polen, black mustard
Madhumaalaa 11 Girl a beautiful garland
Madhumalati 11 Girl a flowering creeper
Madhumanjaree 13 Girl a beautiful sproout
Madhumatee 10 Girl a sweet tempered woman
Madhumati 9 Girl full of honey
Madhumeetaa 11 Girl a moderate, sweet woman
Madhumita 9 Girl honey
Madhunisha 10 Girl pleasant night
Madhup 6 Boy a honeybee
Madhupa 7 Boy one who drinks honey
Madhupadma 10 Boy sweet scented lotus
Madhupreetaa 12 Girl one fond of honey
Madhur 6 Girl sweet
Madhura 7 Girl ssugar
Madhuraa 8 Girl melodious
Madhuraakshee 13 Girl one with beautiful eyes
Madhuraka 9 Boy charming
Madhuramohana 13 Boy krishna the handsome
Madhurapriyadarshana 20 Boy who looks pleasing and loving
Madhurasaa 10 Girl a bunch of grapes
Madhuree 8 Girl a sweet woman
Madhureetaa 11 Girl sweetness
Madhuri 7 Girl sweetness
Madhurima 9 Girl sweetness
Madhurimaa 10 Girl beauti
Madhusakha 10 Boy god of love
Madhushree 10 Girl delightful beauti
Madhushri 9 Girl the spring
Madhussudan 11 Boy lord krishna
Madhusudana 11 Boy sudan to kill
Madhusudana 11 Boy one who killed demon 'madhu'
Madhuyaaminee 13 Girl sweet night
Madhyastha 10 Boy impartial, mediator
Madiraa 7 Girl goddess of wine
Madiraakshee 12 Girl one who has eyes as red as madiraa
Madiraksha 10 Boy one who has eyes as red as madiraa
Madirakshi 10 Girl woman with intoxicating eyes
Madirekshana 12 Girl one having intoxicating eyes
Magan 5 Boy engrossed
Maghavaan Kaushika 18 Boy munificient like indra
Maghavan 8 Boy indra
Mahaabaahu 10 Boy powerful
Mahaabala 9 Boy great strength
Mahaabali 9 Boy very strong
Mahaabhaaga 11 Boy extremely rich
Mahaabhoga 10 Boy one who is in great happiness
Mahaabhoopa 11 Boy great ruler, sovereign
Mahaabhuja 10 Boy with big arms
Mahaabuddhi 11 Boy great intelligence
Mahaabuddhi 11 Boy one with great intellect
Mahaadeva 9 Boy god who is like a great light
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The Hindi Baby Names & Hindu Names & Indian Names names list has thousands of name meanings for you to choose from. If you want to know name according to your rasi (moon sign) or date of birth, use our Astrological Hindu baby name suggestion tool.

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Find Baby Names by Sign

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