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Baby Names by Sign

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Darshitaa 9 Girl displayed
Daruka 6 Boy the deodar tree
Darvikaa 8 Girl a sacrificial ladle or spoon
Darvikaa 8 Girl a sacrificial ladle of spoon
Dashamee 8 Girl the tenth day of lunar fortnight
Dashamee 8 Girl the tenth day of the lunar fortnight
Dasharatha 10 Boy one who has ten chariots
Dasharathi 10 Boy lord rama
Dashrath 8 Boy the father of lord rama
Datta 5 Boy one who is given
Dattaa 6 Girl one who is given
Dattachitta 11 Boy one who is engrossed in datta
Davee 5 Girl goddess
Daya 4 Girl kindness
Dayaa 5 Girl pity
Dayaakara 9 Boy one who shows compassion, mercy
Dayaala 7 Boy one who has pity
Dayaalachandra 14 Boy moon of mercy
Dayaamaya 9 Boy full of mercy
Dayaananda 10 Boy one who takes joy in being merciful
Dayaanidhi 10 Boy store of compssion, pity
Dayaarama 9 Boy rama, the marciful
Dayaashankara 13 Boy shiva, the merciful
Dayaavantee 11 Girl a very kind person
Dayamayee 9 Girl kind
Dayanita 8 Girl tender
Dayita 6 Girl beloved
Dayita 6 Boy beloved
Dayitaa 7 Girl beloved
Debaashish 10 Boy pleased by god
Debashis 8 Boy benediction of god
Deeba 5 Girl silk
Deeksha 7 Girl consecretion for a relogious ceremony
Deekshaa 8 Girl to take vow from 'guru'
Deena 5 Boy one who is in need
Deenaa 6 Girl one who is in need
Deenaanatha 11 Boy lord of the needy
Deenabandhu 11 Girl friend of the poor
Deendayaala 11 Boy humble, merciful
Deep 4 Boy a lamp
Deepa 5 Boy light
Deepaa 6 Girl light
Deepaa 6 Girl a shining woman
Deepaalee 9 Girl a row of lights
Deepaayana 10 Boy pathway of a lamp
Deepabali 9 Girl row of lamps
Deepak 6 Boy lustrous
Deepaka 7 Boy kindle
Deepakalikaa 12 Girl the flame of a lamp
Deepali 7 Girl row of lamps
Deepan 6 Boy lighting up
Deepankar 9 Boy lord of light
Deepankara 10 Boy one who lights the lamp
Deepanwita 10 Girl diwali
Deepanwita 10 Girl lit by lamps
Deepaprabha 11 Girl fully lighted
Deependra 9 Boy lord of the light
Deependu 8 Boy bright moon
Deepesh 7 Boy lord of light
Deepika 7 Girl a lamp
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The Hindi Baby Names & Hindu Names & Indian Names names list has thousands of name meanings for you to choose from. If you want to know name according to your rasi (moon sign) or date of birth, use our Astrological Hindu baby name suggestion tool.

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Find Baby Names by Sign

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