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Name for Nakshatra U.Shadha - Nakshatra Birth Star U.Shadha

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Jataayu 7 Boy a semi-divine bird
Jatan 5 Boy nurturing
Jatee 5 Boy one who wears matted hair
Jatee Mundee Cha Kundalee 25 Boy one who has matted hair, shaven head and wears earrings
Jatila 6 Boy one who has matted hair
Jatila 6 Boy lion
Jatilaa 7 Girl lion
Jatin 5 Boy pertaining to a saint
Jatookarnya 11 Boy one who is like the sage jatookarnya
Javed 5 Boy immortal
Jawaahara 9 Boy jewel
Jawahar 7 Boy jewel
Jaya 4 Boy victory
Jayaa 5 Girl durga
Jayaadevee 10 Girl goddess of victory
Jayadeepa 9 Boy light of victory
Jayadeva 8 Boy god of victory
Jayaditya 9 Boy victorious sun
Jayajaa 7 Boy one who is victorious
Jayakaalavid 12 Boy one who knows the time of victory
Jayakaanta 10 Boy pleasing success
Jayalakshmi 11 Girl the goddess of victory
Jayalalita 10 Girl victorious goddess durga
Jayamala 8 Girl garland of victory
Jayanta 7 Boy lord vishnu
Jayanta 7 Boy victor
Jayanti 7 Girl parvati
Jayantika 9 Girl goddess durga; parvati
Jayapaala 9 Boy one who protects success
Jayaprada 9 Girl giver of victory
Jayaraaja 9 Boy victorious king
Jayashekhara 12 Boy crest of victory
Jayashree 9 Girl the goddess of victory
Jayasukha 9 Boy success, happiness
Jayaswaminee 12 Girl goddess of victory
Jayati 6 Girl victorious
Jayeetaa 8 Girl a successful woman
Jayin 5 Boy one who is victorious
Jayita 6 Girl victorious
Jeemutbahan 11 Boy lord indra
Jeeva 5 Boy life
Jeeval 6 Girl full of life
Jeevan 6 Boy life
Jeevana 7 Boy life
Jeevana 7 Boy life
Jeevanadaasa 12 Boy servant of life
Jeevankala 10 Girl art of life
Jeevanlata 10 Girl creeper of life
Jeevanteeka 11 Girl a flower
Jeevitaantakaaro Nitya 22 Boy one who destroys life eternally
Jeeviteshwara 13 Boy one who governs life
Zachariah 9 Boy god's remembrance
Zafar 5 Boy achievement
Zahid 5 Boy intelligent; pious
Zahira 6 Girl exxpression
Zain 4 Boy good light
Zaki 4 Boy saintly
Zareen 6 Girl golden
Zarina 6 Girl queen
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