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Name for Nakshatra Swati - Nakshatra Birth Star Swati

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Rujusmitaa 10 Girl one having a sober smile
Rujusmriti 10 Girl one having a sober memory
Rujutaa 7 Girl sincerity
Rukma 5 Boy gold
Rukma 5 Girl golden
Rukmini 7 Girl consort of lord krishna
Ruksana 7 Girl brilliant
Ruksharaa 9 Girl flow of water
Rukshesha 9 Boy king of stars, moon
Ruma 4 Girl wife of sugriva
Rupa 4 Girl silver
Rupaalee 8 Girl beautiful girl
Rupaambaraa 11 Girl one dressed in beautiful clothes
Rupaambaree 11 Girl one dressed in beautiful clothes
Rupaangee 9 Girl silver-bodied
Rupaanginee 11 Girl silver-bodied
Rupaavatee 10 Girl full of beauty
Rupak 5 Boy beautiful
Rupaka 6 Boy a sign, feature
Rupala 6 Girl made of silver
Rupalataa 9 Girl creeper of beauty
Rupalatikaa 11 Girl a small creeper of beauty
Rupalekhaa 10 Girl a streak of beauty
Rupali 6 Boy beautiful
Rupam 5 Boy beauty, form
Rupamanjaree 12 Girl sprout of beauty
Rupanga 7 Boy silver-bodied
Rupashi 7 Girl beautiful
Rupashree 9 Girl beautiful lakshmi
Rupashri 8 Girl beautiful
Rupesha 7 Boy lord of beauty
Rupeshwaree 11 Girl goddess of beauty
Rupin 5 Boy embodied beauty
Rushi 5 Boy a sage, ray of light
Rushikaanta 11 Boy lord of the ascetics
Rushil 6 Boy charming
Rushiraaja 10 Boy king of the ascetics
Rushyashringa 13 Boy deer-horned
Rustom 6 Boy warrior
Rutaa 5 Girl also rtaa, honest woman
Rutajaa 7 Girl daughter of truth
Rutajeet 8 Boy conqueror of truth
Rutu 4 Boy wheel of time/season
Rutujeet 8 Boy one who conquers the six seasons
Rutumbharaa 11 Girl one who bears divine truth
Rutunjaya 9 Boy one who conquers the seasons
Rutushree 9 Girl splendour of the seasons
Rutvija 7 Boy a priest who officiates at a sacrifice
Taara 5 Boy best sound
Taaraa 6 Girl a star or planet
Taarachand 10 Boy silver star
Taaraka 7 Boy a star, pupil of the eye
Taaraka 7 Boy protecting, a star
Taarana 7 Girl one who uplifts
Taarikaa 8 Girl beautiful; a small star
Taarinee 8 Girl a raft; one who saves others
Taarkshya 9 Boy an epithet of eagle, one who is form of eagle
Tabassum 8 Girl a flower
Tahir 5 Boy holi
Taj 3 Boy crown
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