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Name for Nakshatra Revati - Nakshatra Birth Star Revati

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Chandramatee 12 Girl a serene woman
Chandramohana 13 Boy attractive like the moon
Chandramoulee 13 Boy who has moon on head
Chandramukha 12 Boy a moonfaced person
Chandramukhee 13 Girl a beautiful woman
Chandran 8 Boy the moon
Chandranath 11 Boy the moon
Chandrani 9 Girl wife of the moon
Chandrapeeda 12 Boy who has moon as crown
Chandraprakasha 15 Boy moonlight
Chandraraj 10 Boy the moonbeam
Chandrarekhaa 13 Girl streak of the moon
Chandrasanjeevana 17 Boy giving life to moon
Chandrashekhara 15 Boy one who holds the moon in his shekhara (hair knot)
Chandrashilaa 13 Girl soft, gentle
Chandravadanee 14 Girl moonfaced
Chandravassa 12 Girl one who lives on the moon
Chandree 8 Girl moonlight
Chandresha 10 Boy king of the moon
Chandrika 9 Boy moonlight
Chandrikaa 10 Girl moonlight
Chandrila 9 Boy another name of shiva
Chandrima 9 Girl the moon
Chandrimaa 10 Girl the moon
Changuna 8 Girl a good woman
Chant 5 Boy lover
Chantni 7 Girl beloved
Chapala 7 Boy active
Chapala 7 Girl restless; lightning
Chapalaa 8 Girl goddess lakshmi
Charaachara 11 Boy animate and inanimate i.e. whole world
Charaacharagra 14 Boy who knows animate and inanimate i.e. the universe
Charanjeet 10 Boy one who has won over the lord
Charchrikaa 11 Girl joy, happiness
Charita 7 Girl good
Charuchandra 12 Boy beautiful
Charuchitra 11 Boy beautiful picture
Charudatta 10 Boy born of beauti
Charukeshee 11 Girl one with beauiful long hair
Charulata 9 Girl beautiful
Charuprabha 11 Girl beautiful
Charusheela 11 Girl a jewel
Charuvishalya 13 Boy beautiful and without pain
Charvanaa 9 Girl one who reflects
Charvi 6 Girl a beautiful woman
Chatura 7 Girl clever
Chaturaa 8 Girl one who is clever
Chaturaatmaa 12 Girl god emerging in four places
Chaturaschaturapriya 20 Boy who likes clever, smart
Chaturastra 11 Boy resides in four places
Chaturbaabu 11 Boy has four arms
Chaturbaahu 11 Boy with four arms
Chaturbhaava 12 Boy your dispositions of mind
Chaturbhaava 12 Boy four different emotions
Chaturbhuj 10 Boy lord vishnu
Chaturbhuja 11 Boy one with four hands
Chaturbhuja 11 Boy has four hands
Chaturdrashtra 14 Boy has four molar teeth
Chaturgati 10 Boy the supreme soul, a tortoise
Chaturmoorti 12 Boy four different forms
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