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Name for Nakshatra P.Phalgini - Nakshatra Birth Star P.Phalgini

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Mahaadeva 9 Boy great god
Mahaadeva 9 Boy the most powerful god
Mahaadevee 10 Girl the most powerful goddess
Mahaadhana 10 Boy wealthy
Mahaadhana 10 Boy one who is in the form of highest riches
Mahaadhipa 10 Boy great lord
Mahaadhyuti 11 Boy great splendour, brilliance
Mahaadridhruk 13 Boy one who is holding great mountain
Mahaadyuti 10 Boy great splendour, beauty
Mahaagarbha 11 Boy who creats great gods
Mahaagarta 10 Boy a big thorne or veda
Mahaagarta 10 Boy state of nothingness; non-existent
Mahaahavi 9 Boy great materials offered as oblation in yagna
Mahaahruda 10 Boy great lake
Mahaahruda 10 Boy a large pool of water
Mahaajyotirnuttama 18 Boy best of all and very brilliant
Mahaakaala 10 Boy great oppertunity time
Mahaakalpa 10 Boy very able
Mahaakarmaa 11 Boy one who does great deeds
Mahaakartaa 11 Boy great creator or one who performs great deeds
Mahaakopa 9 Boy very angry
Mahaakosha 10 Boy big treasure
Mahaakosha 10 Boy great cover
Mahaakrama 10 Boy one whose steps are great
Mahaakratu 10 Boy great 'yagna'
Mahaamaaya 10 Boy with great illusion or affection
Mahaamakha 10 Boy great yagna
Mahaamanaa 10 Boy large hearted
Mahaamorti 10 Boy great form
Mahaan 6 Boy great
Mahaanaada 10 Boy one who makes big sound
Mahaananda 10 Boy the great bliss of final beatitude
Mahaanidhi 10 Boy like a big strange
Mahaanidhi 10 Boy where all are residing
Mahaapala 9 Boy very powerful
Mahaaprabhaa 12 Girl one of extreme splendour
Mahaaretaa 10 Boy very virile
Mahaarha 8 Boy deserving of great prayer
Mahaaroopa 10 Boy with great form
Mahaashakti 11 Boy great power
Mahaashaktirmahaadhyuti 23 Boy with great power and lustre
Mahaashana 10 Boy one who absolves everything
Mahaashrunga 12 Boy with big horns
Mahaashuklaa 12 Girl extreme whiteness
Mahaasvana 10 Boy great sound
Mahaatapa 9 Boy great ascetic
Mahaatapaa 10 Boy whose 'tapa' is great
Mahaatejaa 10 Boy great glory
Mahaatejaa 10 Boy most brilliant, powerful
Mahaavaraaha 12 Boy great boar
Mahaaveera 10 Boy great hero
Mahaaveera 10 Boy most courageous among men
Mahaaveerya 11 Boy great heroism
Mahaaveerya 11 Boy great adventure
Mahaavidyaa 11 Girl great knowledge
Mahaayagna 10 Boy great yagna
Mahaayajwaa 11 Boy one who performs great yagna
Mahaayashaa 11 Boy with great game
Mahaayogee 10 Boy great yogee
Mahabahu 8 Boy arjuna
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