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Name for Nakshatra Mrigasira - Nakshatra Birth Star Mrigasira

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Ka 2 Boy the lord of creatures (pronoun : who)
Ka 2 Boy joy, happiness
Kaadambaree 11 Girl cuckoo
Kaahini 7 Girl a young woman
Kaajala 7 Girl kohl
Kaakalee 8 Girl tender, sweet tone
Kaala 5 Boy time
Kaalaha 7 Boy destroyer of the enemy by name of 'kaalo'
Kaalakaaree 11 Boy one who carries out destruction
Kaalaneminihaa 14 Boy one who kills the wheel of time
Kaalanjaya 10 Boy one who has conquered time
Kaalapaksha 11 Boy one who helps destruction
Kaalayogi 9 Boy one who gives fruits, results at a right time
Kaalee 6 Girl form of power
Kaaleecharana 13 Boy at the feet of goddess kaalee
Kaaleekaa 9 Girl group of dark clouds
Kaalingi 8 Girl a woman from kaling
Kaalkaa 7 Girl deep
Kaama 5 Boy desire
Kaamaakshee 11 Girl one with voluptuous eyes
Kaamaayudha 11 Boy cupid's arrow
Kaamadeva 9 Boy god of love
Kaamadeva 9 Boy one who fulfils all desires
Kaamadeva 9 Boy the god of love
Kaamahaa 8 Boy one who kills desires
Kaamakrut 9 Boy one who creates desires
Kaamalataa 10 Girl creeper of love
Kaamalee 8 Girl one full of desire
Kaamapaala 10 Boy one who fulfills the wishes (of devotees)
Kaamaprada 10 Boy giver of all desires
Kaamarekhaa 11 Girl literally, line of love
Kaamashaasana 13 Boy one who punishes cupid
Kaamee 6 Boy one who controls the desires
Kaameshwara 11 Boy one having ful control over passion
Kaameshwaree 12 Girl one having ful control over passion
Kaaminee 8 Girl full of desire
Kaanajee 8 Boy krishan
Kaanam 6 Girl earth with black soil
Kaanana 7 Girl forest
Kaanchana 9 Boy gold
Kaanchana 9 Girl gold
Kaanchangauree 14 Girl fair complexioned
Kaanchee 8 Girl waistband with bells
Kaankshaa 9 Girl wish
Kaankshinee 11 Girl one who wishes
Kaanta 6 Boy lovely, beautiful
Kaanta 6 Boy one with beautiful body
Kaanta 6 Boy beautiful, attractive, brilliant
Kaantaa 7 Girl beloved
Kaanti 6 Girl lustre
Kaantidaa 9 Girl one who gives light
Kaaraam 7 Boy creator of the universe
Kaaranam 8 Boy the generative cause, creator, fater
Kaarikaa 8 Girl actress, dancer
Kaarti 6 Boy name of a month
Kaartikeya 10 Boy the god of war
Kaasheeaa 9 Boy name of a bird
Kaasheeraama 12 Boy one who pleases kaashi
Kaashtaa 8 Girl direction
Kaashya 7 Boy a kind of grass
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