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Name for Nakshatra Krittika - Nakshatra Birth Star Krittika

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Aananda 7 Boy joy
Aanandabrahma 13 Boy eternal joy
Aanandagiri 11 Boy mountain of joy
Aanandamaya 11 Boy steeped in happiness
Aanandamurti 12 Boy picture of happiness
Aanandaparnaa 13 Girl one who having wings of joy
Aanandarupa 11 Boy eternal joy
Aanandarupa 11 Boy eternal joy
Aanandasaagara 14 Boy sea of joy
Aanandaswarupa 14 Boy eternal joy
Aanandavardhana 15 Boy one who adds to joy
Aanandee 8 Girl joyful
Aanandi 7 Girl always happy
Aanandini 9 Girl giver of joy
Aananditaa 10 Girl one who spreads joy
Aandaleeb 9 Boy the beautiful bird
Aandola 7 Boy to swing, moving
Aanetra 7 Boy to see until one is satisfied
Aapta 5 Boy reliable, trustworthy
Aapti 5 Girl fitness,completion
Aaraa 5 Girl decorative
Aaradhaka 9 Boy one who worships
Aarohee 7 Girl a creeper
Aarunaka 8 Boy reddish
Aarunamshu 10 Girl reddish rays
Aarunikaa 9 Girl tawny red
Aaryadeva 9 Boy best among the aryans
Aaryashura 10 Boy courageoous
Aasha 5 Girl hope
Aashaalataa 11 Girl creeper of hope
Aashaankita 11 Boy full of hope
Aashika 7 Boy lover
Aashikaa 8 Girl beloved
Aashisha 8 Girl blessed woman
Aashitendu 10 Girl satisfied by eating
Aashlesha 9 Boy to embrace
Aashrama 8 Boy place of rest, abode
Aashrama 8 Boy one giving tranquility like aashrama
Aashtika 8 Boy son of the sage jaratharu and his wife manasa devi
Aashutosha 10 Boy one who is easily pleased
Aasmitaa 8 Girl egoism, egotism
Aastika 7 Boy one who has faith in the vedas
Aatiteya 8 Boy son of aatit
Aatmabhoo 9 Boy self generated
Aatmadeva 9 Boy soul
Aatmaja 7 Boy born to oneself
Aatmajyoti 10 Boy brilliant on his own or through his own soul
Aatman 6 Boy the self
Aatmaram 8 Boy one who strives to get spritual knowledge
Aatmayoni 9 Boy self created
Aatmayu 7 Boy one blessed with long life
Aavartana 9 Boy runs the wheel of the universe
Aayati 6 Boy majestic, dignified
Aayu 4 Boy span of life
Aayushabdapati 14 Boy lord of duration of life and words
Aayushmaan 10 Boy one blessed with long life
Abaalendu 9 Boy full moon
Abaj 4 Boy the moon, the physician of gods, the conch
Abbas 5 Boy a family name
Abha 4 Girl lustrous beauti
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