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Name for Nakshatra Rohini - Nakshatra Birth Star Rohini

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Vaayuvaahana 12 Boy one who drives wind
Vacchan 7 Boy speech
Vachaspati 10 Boy lord of all the knowledge
Vagdevi 7 Girl goddess saraswati
Vageesha 8 Boy an orator
Vahini 6 Girl flowing
Vahni 5 Boy a god
Vajra 5 Boy lord krishna's greatgrandson; diamond
Vajraanga 9 Boy diamond-bodied
Vajradhar 9 Boy lord indra
Vajrahasta 10 Boy having lightning in hand like indra
Vajramani 9 Boy a diamond
Valaaka 7 Boy a crane
Vallabh 7 Boy beloved
Vallabha 8 Boy beloved, dear
Vallabhadaas 12 Boy literally, dear servant
Vallabhee 9 Girl beloved, dear
Vallaree 8 Girl a creeper
Vallari 7 Girl goddess parvati; creeper
Vallee 6 Girl a creeper
Valli 5 Girl creeper
Valmiki, Valmik 16 Boy the author of the epic ramayana
Vama 4 Girl woman
Vaman 5 Boy fifth incarnation of lord vishnu
Vamshalakshmi 13 Girl the fortune of a family
Vanaalikaa 10 Girl sun-flower
Vanadevee 9 Girl goddess of the woods
Vanadurga 9 Girl goddess of the forest
Vanadurga 9 Girl goddess paravati
Vanaja 6 Girl a forest girl
Vanajaa 7 Girl vana = forest; jaa = born to
Vanajit 7 Boy lord of the forest
Vanajyoti 9 Girl light of the woods
Vanajyotsanaa 13 Girl moonlight in the forest
Vanalakshmee 12 Girl the beauty of the forest
Vanalataa 9 Girl forest creeper
Vanamaalee 10 Boy one who wears 'vaijayanti' garland
Vanamaalikaa 12 Girl wood sprite
Vanamala 8 Girl garland of forests
Vanani 6 Girl forest
Vanapriyaa 10 Girl beloved of the woods; the koel bird
Vanaraaja 9 Boy king of the jungle; the lion
Vanasarojinee 13 Girl the wild cotton plant
Vanashree 9 Girl beauty or wealth of the woods
Vandana 7 Boy salutation
Vandana 7 Girl worship
Vandanaa 8 Girl salutation
Vandanee 8 Girl worship
Vandaneeyaa 11 Girl to be saluted
Vanditaa 8 Girl one praised by others
Vanhi 5 Girl fire
Vanhishikha 11 Girl flame
Vani 4 Girl muse, goddess saraswati
Vanikaa 7 Girl a little wood
Vanita 6 Girl woman
Vanitaa 7 Girl a woman, wife
Vanshavardhana 14 Boy who expands 'vansha' family
Vanshidhara 11 Boy a flute-player
Vapaa 5 Girl a mound of earth thrown up by ants
Vapusha 7 Girl a god, deity
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