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Name for Nakshatra U.Shadha - Nakshatra Birth Star U.Shadha

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Jalabaalaa 10 Girl child of the water
Jalabaalikaa 12 Girl lightning
Jalabala 8 Girl a river
Jaladhaaraa 11 Girl stream of water
Jaladhara 9 Boy cloud
Jalaja 6 Girl lotus
Jalajaa 7 Girl lotus
Jalajaakshi 11 Girl lotus-eyed
Jalal 5 Boy glory
Jalaneeli 9 Girl moss
Jalasandha 10 Boy sandh union
Jalendu 7 Boy moon in the water
Jaleshwara 10 Boy lord of the water
Jalil 5 Boy revered
Jalini 6 Girl one who lives in water
Jamadagni 9 Boy fire-eater
Jamadagni 9 Boy like sage jamadagni who was a descendant of bhrigu and father of parasuram. he was deeply engaged in study and had obtained entire possession of vedas
Jamanaadaas 11 Boy servant of jamuna
Jamanaalaala 12 Boy son of jamuna
Jamini 6 Girl night
Jamuna 6 Girl a holy river
Jamunaa 7 Girl name of a river
Janaadhyaksha 13 Boy presiding ovwe people
Janaardan 9 Boy like vishni, krishna
Janaardana 10 Boy one who kills 'asura' traits
Janaardana 10 Boy one who helps people
Janajanmaadi 12 Boy fundamental cause of birth
Janajanmaadi 12 Boy responsible for every soul
Janak 5 Boy father of sita
Janaka 6 Boy one who created the universe
Janaki 6 Girl wife of lord rama; sita
Janamejay 9 Boy a mythological king
Janamitra 9 Boy friend of the people
Janana 6 Boy creator, father
Jananee 7 Girl a mother
Janardan 8 Boy lord vishnu
Janesha 7 Boy master of all
Janeshwara 10 Boy god residing in the hearts of all
Janhavi 7 Girl river ganga
Janikaa 7 Girl one who give birth to
Janmaadhipa 11 Boy lord of birth
Janmamrutyujaraatiga 20 Boy one who has overcome birth, death and old age
Jany 4 Boy fire, living being
Japa 4 Boy chanting
Japendra 8 Boy lord of chants (lord shiva)
Japesh 6 Boy lord of chants (lord shiva)
Japya 5 Boy worth chanting
Jaraadishanaman 15 Boy one who can remove old age
Jasaraaja 9 Boy king of fame
Jasbeer 7 Boy victorious hero
Jashan 6 Boy celebration
Jasoda 6 Girl mother of lord krishna
Jasodhara 9 Girl mother of lord buddha
Jaspal 6 Boy lord krishna
Jasveer 7 Boy hero of fame
Jaswant 7 Boy victorious
Jaswant 7 Boy famous
Jaswantee 9 Girl woman of great renown
Jataadhara 10 Boy knotted hair
Jataashankara 13 Boy matted hair
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