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Name for Nakshatra Mrigasira - Nakshatra Birth Star Mrigasira

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Kalyaana 8 Boy blessed
Kalyaanadaasa 13 Boy servant of prosperity
Kalyaanagunanaamaa 18 Boy whose name and quality does welfare
Kalyaanaprakrut 15 Boy whose nature is to do welfare
Kalyaanee 9 Girl fortunate
Kalyan 6 Boy welfare
Kalyani 7 Girl auspicious
Kamakshi 8 Girl name of goddess lakshmi or parvati; a girl with love filled eyes
Kamal 5 Boy lotus
Kamala 6 Girl goddess lakshmi
Kamala 6 Girl lotus
Kamalaa 7 Girl an excellent woman
Kamalaakara 11 Boy a lake full of lotuses
Kamalaaksshee 13 Girl lotus-eyed
Kamalakanta 11 Boy lord of the lotus
Kamalakar 9 Boy lord vishnu
Kamalakshi 10 Girl one whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses
Kamalanayana 12 Boy lotus-eyed
Kamalanayanaa 13 Girl lotus-eyed
Kamalapati 10 Boy lord vishnu
Kamalekshana 12 Boy with beautiful eues like lotus
Kamalesha 9 Boy lord of the lotus
Kamalika 8 Girl lotus
Kamalini 8 Girl lotus
Kamalkali 9 Girl the bud of a lotus
Kamalnayan 10 Boy lotus eyed
Kamana 6 Girl a handsome woman
Kamandaludhara 14 Boy one holding 'kamandala' i.e. wooden or earthern waterpot of an ascetic
Kamod 5 Boy a raga
Kamraj 6 Boy cupid
Kamran 6 Boy success
Kana 4 Boy an atom
Kanad 5 Boy an ancient philosopher
Kanajara 8 Boy an elephant
Kanak 5 Boy gold
Kanaka 6 Girl gold, wealth
Kanakabati 10 Girl fairly-tale princess
Kanakalataa 11 Girl a creeper
Kanakamudraa 12 Girl a gold ring
Kanakaneekrutavaasuki 21 Boy wearing 'vasuki' snake as a bracelet
Kanakaprabhaa 13 Girl splendour of gold
Kanakaprabhu 12 Boy as lustrous as gold
Kanakasundari 13 Girl beautiful as gold
Kanaklata 9 Girl golden creeper
Kanakpriya 10 Girl lover of gold
Kanakvaa 8 Boy a small kite
Kanakvi 7 Girl a small kite
Kanan 5 Girl a gaarden; forest
Kananbala 9 Girl nymph of the forest
Kanchana 8 Girl gold
Kanchanlaala 12 Boy son of gold
Kanchi 6 Girl a waistband
Kandarpa 8 Boy ccupid
Kandarpa 8 Boy god of love
Kandarpabaalaa 14 Girl daughter of cupid
Kangana 7 Girl a type of bangle
Kanha 5 Boy lord krishna
Kanhaiya 8 Boy lord krishna
Kanhaiyalal 11 Boy lord krishna
Kanika 6 Girl an atom
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