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Name for Nakshatra Mrigasira - Nakshatra Birth Star Mrigasira

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Kaashyapa 9 Boy tortoise
Kaashyapee 10 Girl earth
Kaasu 5 Girl light, lustre
Kaathaarnava 12 Boy sea of stories
Kaatyaayinee 12 Girl paarvatee
Kaavalee 8 Girl bangle
Kaavalee 8 Girl bangle
Kaaveree 8 Girl a courtesan
Kabir 5 Boy name of a famous saint
Kadali 6 Girl the banana tree
Kadamba 7 Boy name of a tree
Kadambari 9 Girl goddess saraswati
Kadambini 9 Girl an array of clouds
Kadambini 9 Girl garland of clouds
Kajal 5 Girl kohl
Kajjali 7 Girl kohl
Kakali 6 Girl chirping of birds
Kakudmi 7 Boy a mountain
Kala 4 Girl art
Kalaachanda 11 Boy a small part of the moon
Kalaadhara 10 Boy one who holds a digit of moon
Kalaavatee 10 Girl the embodiment of art
Kalahamsee 10 Girl swan
Kalahmasa 9 Boy swan
Kalanidhi 9 Girl treasure of art
Kalash 6 Boy sacred pot
Kalavati 8 Girl artistic
Kalhaara 8 Boy water lily
Kali 4 Girl a bud; parvati
Kalicharan 10 Boy a devotee of goddess kali
Kalidas 7 Boy a devotee of goddess kali
Kalika 6 Girl a bud; parvati
Kalila 6 Boy mixed, deep
Kalimohan 9 Boy a devotee of goddess kali
Kalinda 7 Boy sun
Kalindi 7 Girl the river yamuna
Kalipada 8 Boy a devotee of goddess kali
Kaliranjan 10 Boy a devotee of goddess kali
Kalita 6 Boy known, understood
Kallee 6 Girl an ornament worn on the wrist
Kallinga 8 Boy a bird
Kallol 6 Girl large waves; gurgling of water
Kallola 7 Boy joy
Kallola 7 Boy joy, happiness
Kallolee 8 Girl one who enjoys
Kallolinee 10 Girl one who is always happy
Kallolini 9 Girl surging stream
Kalpa 5 Boy determination
Kalpa 5 Boy able, competent
Kalpaadi 8 Boy renovation of all things in creation
Kalpaka 7 Boy a rite
Kalpalataa 10 Girl lataa, creeper; kalpa, secret wish
Kalpan 6 Boy imagination
Kalpana 7 Girl imagination
Kalpanaa 8 Girl imagination
Kalpavruksha 12 Boy like 'kalpavruksha', an imaginary tree in heaven which is supposed to satisfy all the desires of a person sitting under it
Kalpikaa 8 Girl fit, proper
Kalpita 7 Girl the imagined
Kalpitaa 8 Girl formed, arranged
Kalpkataa 9 Girl imagination
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