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Baby Names by Sign

NAME Length Gender Meaning
Chandana 8 Girl sandalwood
Chandanaa 9 Girl sandalwood
Chandanaangadee 15 Boy one whose body's parts are adorned with sandalwood paste
Chandanagandhaa 15 Girl one perfumed with sandalwood paste
Chandani 8 Girl a river
Chandani 8 Girl moonlit
Chandanika 10 Girl diminutive of chandana
Chandanikaa 11 Girl a small sandalwood tree
Chandika 8 Girl goddess parvati
Chandikaa 9 Girl wrathful
Chandilaa 9 Girl wrathful
Chandnee, Chandani 19 Girl moonlight
Chandodeva 10 Boy the moon
Chandra 7 Boy glittering
Chandra 7 Boy moon
Chandraagad 11 Boy shiva
Chandraalee 11 Girl friend of the moon
Chandraamshu 12 Boy moonbeam
Chandraanani 12 Girl round faced
Chandraannana 13 Boy round faced
Chandraanshu 12 Boy having a cool lustre of moon
Chandraavallaree 16 Girl moon creeper
Chandraayana 12 Boy the path of the moon
Chandrabali 11 Girl krishna's girl friend
Chandrabha 10 Boy lustre of moonlight
Chandrabhaala 13 Boy one who wears the moon on his forehead
Chandrabhaga 12 Girl river chenab
Chandrabhan 11 Boy the moon
Chandrabhushan 14 Boy lord shiva
Chandrabimba 12 Boy reflection of the moon
Chandracatee 12 Girl illuminated by the moon
Chandrachur 11 Boy lord shiva
Chandradatta 12 Boy gift of the moon
Chandragaura 12 Boy fair like the moon
Chandragupta 12 Boy protected by the moon, founder of the gupta dynasty
Chandrahaasa 12 Boy bow of shiva
Chandrajaa 10 Girl a moonbeam
Chandrajyoti 12 Girl moonlight
Chandraka 9 Boy the feather of peacock
Chandrakala 11 Girl moonbeams
Chandrakalaa 12 Girl beauti of the moon
Chandrakanta 12 Boy the moon
Chandrakeshwara 15 Boy shiva
Chandraketu 11 Boy son of lakshmana
Chandraki 9 Boy peacock
Chandrakin 10 Girl a peacock
Chandrakirana 13 Boy moonbeam
Chandrakirtee 13 Boy glory
Chandrakirti 12 Boy one whose fame is like the soft rays of the moon
Chandrakishore 14 Boy the moon
Chandrakumar 12 Boy the moon
Chandralekha 12 Girl a ray of the moon
Chandralekhaa 13 Girl digit of the moon
Chandrama 9 Boy the moon
Chandramaalaa 13 Girl a garland
Chandramaasee 13 Girl wife of brihaspati
Chandramadhava 14 Boy sweet
Chandramallikaa 15 Girl a kind of jasmine flower
Chandramani 11 Girl moonstone
Chandramani 11 Girl moonstone
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The Hindi Baby Names & Hindu Names & Indian Names names list has thousands of name meanings for you to choose from. If you want to know name according to your rasi (moon sign) or date of birth, use our Astrological Hindu baby name suggestion tool.

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